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Hire us for your epoxy coating project, we will deliver our best without compromising on quality. Call today and speak with Daron Humphries to see if epoxy floors will benefit your situation or project.



A decorative solution for existing surfaces. Plus it makes cleaning your floor so much easier!


The Ultra Surface Color Flake system offers the perfect solutions for ugly garage floors.

Garages are not just for parking cars anymore. Many homeowners are converting them into well organized workshops, parking spots, fitness areas and game rooms.


Our concrete coating system can make your garage and other surfaces look beautiful by providing the look of granite / terrazzo. Decorative color flakes are acrylic paint chips used as part of the Color Flake System that is often used to add color to a garage floor, basement floor, bathroom floors, locker rooms, and many other interior rooms.


When applied over an epoxy or urethane, color flakes provide a custom, luxurious look that offers superior floor coating protection. The 1/4" flakes are available in 12 blended colors. Check out our color chart at the bottom of the page!

  • Chemical resistant

  • Stain resistant

  • Durable

  • Long lasting

  • Easy to clean

Advantages of our color flake system

The high performance products used in our Ultra Surface Color Flake System have been developed over many years to provide the best protection against moisture vapor transmission problems, hot tire lifting, and yellowing from the ultra violet rays of the sun.


For a decorative solution for your existing surfaces, call us at 208-528-8071 or

208-709-1192 and ask about our Color Flake System.  

Epoxy coatings can be used on interior concrete floors in industrial, commercial and residential applications. It can address mechanical wear and tear, pothole or crack repair, spalling solutions, salts and chemicals, and much more.  


Epoxy floor coatings can handle heavy work like lift trucks, hot tires, or simply make your garage floor clean up like a breeze, especially after a “messy” winter. Epoxy floor coatings are used a lot in Industrial situations where food preparation, excessive water or liquid is used, or easy clean up is required. It is available in different colors, designs and patterns.

Epoxy coatings

Color Flake System